Truth vs. Reality

Okay, so it’s so easy to live in reality. The moment we settle our minds on how something IS, it can be a struggle to believe otherwise. Isn’t that why we say “seeing is believing”? Now, the problem with reality is that it is based on each person’s perspective. That is, if I think something happened a certain way, then that’s reality for me. This is regardless of what anyone else perceives as reality. A group of people can observe the same event and end up with multiple differing realities. For example, making $30,000 in America may make you feel poor but it the middle of the Sub-Saharan desert, you may be treated like royalty with that kind of dough!

That’s bothersome to me. Reason being, we can all end up with differences, not just in perspective, but in occurrences. And it does happen. In all honesty, this is the cause of most of the arguments I have with my husband. (Now, I know you don’t argue with your husband, right?)

What I love about God’s word is that it’s truth! It doesn’t reflect my own perspective or any one else’s but God’s! When he says that I am blessed, that’s the truth, regardless of how I feel or what the circumstances look like. 1 John 4:17b says:

“because as He is, so are we in this world.”

Now that’s comforting…because I don’t always feel what He says I am. But my feelings and perspective (or reality) are only secondary to THE TRUTH. I’m no longer concerned about getting a fuller picture, I have the ultimate truth available to me.

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